X Small Maasai Beaded Thin Dog Collar 25cm

X Small Maasai Beaded Thin Dog Collar 25cm


A beautiful embossed grain leather dog collar hand crafted in Nairobi, Kenya by our artisan. Our artisan is passionate about training local women community groups.


Our dog collars are hand made using maasai beads which are lined and trimmed with soft leather, the patterns and colours vary so that each dog collar is unique.


Our measurements are from the tip of the buckle to roughly the middle buckle hole. The holes therefore have a variance so please see below for exact measurements of the smallest and largest holes.


Maasai-25-Tn5 | 22.5-30.5cm | 9-12" | Width | 1.4cm | 0.55"

Maasai-25-Tn6 | 23-30.5cm | 9-12" | Width | 1.4cm | 0.55"

Maasai-25-Tn7 | 22-31cm | 8.5-12" | Width | 1.4cm | 0.55"

Maasai-25-Tn8 | 21.5-30cm | 8.5-12" | Width | 1.4cm | 0.55"


Measurements have been rounded to the nearest cm or inch.