Medium Camel Leather Belt 90cm

Medium Camel Leather Belt 90cm


A beautiful camel leather belt hand crafted straight from the medina in Marrakesh.


Our leather belts are hand made using kilim which are lined and trimmed with soft camel, the patterns and colours vary so that each belt is unique.


The kilim used has been hand made in the Atlas Mountains by our Berber sisters and bought directly to our Berber brothers in Marrakesh to be transformed into our wonderful and individual leather belt. 

  • Size Guide

    Our measurements are from the tip of the leather (not including the buckle) to roughly the middle buckle hole. The holes therefore have a variance so please see below for exact measurements of the smallest and largest holes.

    87-97cm | 34-38" | Camel-90L-Tc4

    85-95cm | 34-38" | Camel-90-Tc3

    86-98cm | 34-38" | Camel-90-Tc6

    84-95cm | 33-37" | Camel-90-Tc7

    86-98cm | 34-38" | Camel-90-Tc8

    86-98cm | 34-39" | Camel-90-Tc14

    83-94cm | 33-37" | Camel-B90-Tc1


    Measurements have been rounded to the nearest cm or inch.

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