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The Adorn brand is solely based on individuality. Every person, dog and home for that matter have their own soul, personality and lifestyle.

Adorn aims to provide products that each person will love and feel it has been made specifically for them.

Our leather products are hand selected straight from the Souks in Marrakesh each individually hand crafted providing their own style using Kilim; a traditional flat tapestry-woven rug. Our kilim has been sourced directly from Berber's in the Atlas Mountains.

Our wooden products have been hand crafted with passion; individually selected to reflect our customers. With the aid of pyrography each and every product can be personalised.


As an expanding destination for your apparel, our online store is truly a place for discovering unique attire and inspiring home accessories.

As a valued customer you can count on Adorn to deliver the unexpected; as a fun and quirky brand that adds personality to everyday items and spices up your home.

Browse through our site now and see all that we have to offer.

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